Sunday, 27 November 2011

A New Frontier

I have heard a lot lately regarding the Google Book Library Project and thought this might be the place to take a look into what all the fuss is about.

It seems that Google is taking a step into the world of library digitization by attempting to create a worldwide database and enhanced card catalogue collection of the world’s books! Sounds impressive….and it is.

However, questions remain regarding licensing issues and copyright infringement. While they intend to provide only card catalogue information and bibliographic data for many books they also seek to digitize the world’s library collection as well. Starting with out of copyright books or those that publisher’s have allowed access to, the Google Book Library Project intends to make these materials widely available to online users in their entirety.  

In the above screen shot you can see an example of this very idea. Jumping on the bandwagon of ereaders like Kobo and Kindle, the Google Book Library Project goes a step further and will allow users to download, save and print pages and indeed even entire books! It also intends to offer its content free of charge.

It’s an incredible undertaking but a neat idea! It will have to wade through an enormous pile of copyright laws and publisher permission in order to proceed but even the concept of bibliographic information and/or limited profiles becoming available in this way is exciting.


This is something to keep in your radar for sure!